Christmas Donation 2023

This year we had the privilege of donating to the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital.

Below I have shared the inspirational story of Leo White.

Leo White, a six-year-old from Burnage, south Manchester, faced medical challenges from birth with one leg 50% shorter than the other. Born via c-section due to a breach, Leo underwent a Symes amputation at 18 months to address the severe leg length discrepancy.

Following the amputation, Leo faced challenges but found support from the play team at Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital.

In 2020, Leo underwent a second surgery on his hip to reconstruct a new joint using bone and metal. The recovery involved a spica cast and limited movement. Despite the difficulties, Leo found solace in the hospital garden, appreciated the artwork, and enjoyed activities facilitated by the play team.

Leo’s mum said “At first he couldn’t put any weight on it, which was a nightmare trying to keep a toddler still! But the play team on his ward at Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital were just incredible and he really loved them.

Leo now walks with a prosthetic leg, fondly calling it his “robot leg,” adorned with Pokemon characters. He uses a wheelchair at school when needed but embraces walking on his prosthetic. Despite potential future surgeries, Leo’s positive spirit shines through.

Recently, he raised an impressive £394 for Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital Charity by participating in the Mini Great Manchester Run in May 2022, surpassing his £100 target.

Leo’s empathy extends beyond his own challenges; he expresses concern for homeless individuals and fellow children in the hospital. His maturity at such a young age is evident in his actions and fundraising efforts, showcasing resilience and compassion.

You can read more about Leo’s story here: